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Program Summary

Club soccer involves year-round competition, with practices taking place throughout the year except for a one month break in the Summer and Winter. The club runs tryouts at the end of February, so our year effectively runs from March-Feb.

The CSL Fall League and the CalSouth State Cup are the two major competitions that the club participates in and players are expected to be available for all practices and games during these events. 

The Fall League begins around the start of September for every age group and level of play. The State Cup starts at different times depending on age group and level of play, and takes place around Feb-April.

Announcement: Clasico De Robles Tournament Sept 2-3. Register Here

Practice Schedule

Practices take place at several fields throughout the year, based on availability. All of the fields are based around the Paso Robles and Templeton areas. Each team will be assigned 2 -3 practices/week, in addition to extra specialty training sessions, such as GK training and skills-based training. Please check your team’s TeamSnap Calendar for exact training times, locations and dates.

Travel Information

Legacy United SC, along with most other area clubs, participates in Cal South Fall League and State Cup. Travel depends on the number of teams available to play in the area, and the level of competition a team reaches (higher level competition requires more travel). Travel requirements are completely out of the club’s control and depend on the league groupings made by CalSouth.


New uniforms coming soon! 

Recommended Programs

Training Camp

We currently have 2 on-going Co-Ed training teams for players depending on their age.  One is for those kids who are between the ages of 8 years old – 10 years old and want to learn more about the wonderful sport of soccer. We also have a session for those who are in high school and are interested in improving their soccer skills to get ready for high school soccer.  Both sessions are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30p-7:00p.

Current Legacy Teams

Legacy United Soccer Club offers a variety of club teams. The normal season begins in March and continues to February.


  • B’07/08 – Rhys Cannella
  • B’10 – Alex Partida
  • B’12 – Dillon Simoulis
  • B’13 – Chon Paramo-Diaz


  • G’05/06 – Jon Berezay and Matt Thompson
  • G’07/08 – Jon Berezay and Alex Partida
  • G’12/13 – Alex Partida
  • G’14 – Jodie Snowbarger
  • G’15 – Jodie Snowbarger



Boo Clinic: Date to be determined

Team Managers

Girls 2005/2006

Lindsay Leigan

Boys ’07/08

Debbie Jaeger

Girls 2007/2008

Katy Larrison

Boys ’12

Kaylyn Henson

Girls 2014-2015

 Joanna Maxted


Boys ’13

Gregorio Ramos

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