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5v5 League Upcoming Events

We schedule your team to play a team in the same level/bracket and age group! We don’t schedule your team against an older team to “play up” unless you request it! We will be scheduling scrimmages for the next 9 weeks just sign up below under 5v5 League Registration


5v5 League General Rules

1. The teams consist of 5 players per side, including 1 goalkeeper.

2. The matches consist of 2 twenty minute halves with about a 5-minute rest break.

3. Minimum number of players to start a match is 4 players

4. Rescheduling Matches requires a 48-hour notice. In the event a team cannot play a scheduled match, that team must contact the opposing team’s manager to get an agreement to play the game another day and time PRIOR to contacting Legacy United (48 hours before the scheduled game). Legacy United will then provide possible times to reschedule the match. It is at the discretion of the opposing team if they want to reschedule the match. If the opposing team does not wish to reschedule the match, the game will be considered forfeited, and the opposing team will gain all the game points.

5. Forfeiting a game is highly discouraged as everyone wants to play all the scheduled games. A 25-dollar fee will be assessed to teams that do not show up to play the match on game day or cancel the match. The 25 dollars goes as a credit to the opposing team.

6. The offside rule is not in effect.

7. Substitutions are on the fly, with one player entering the field and one player exiting the field simultaneously.

8. The ball may travel forward or backward on the kick-off

9. No slide tackles.

10. All free kicks are indirect; the ball must be passed to a teammate before its shot to the goal/goalkeeper.

11. All restarts are to be played within five seconds of the ball being set.

12. Opposing players must stand at least five feet away from the ball on a restart of a free kick. Failure to do so may result in a 2-minute penalty.

13. Penalty kick as a result of foul or intentional handball inside the goal box, the attacking team will be awarded a penalty kick. The kick will be taken at the top of the goal box, and the player executing the penalty may take TWO steps back from the ball prior to kicking the penalty shot (this does not apply to youth games).

14. Referee may stop the game clock during the last two minutes of the game if a goal is scored or the ball goes out of bounds and the ball cannot be retrieved quickly.

Goalkeeper Rules:

1. The goalkeeper may only touch the ball with his/her hands inside the penalty box.

2. No slide tackles outside of the penalty box.

a. If the goalkeeper starts the dive/slide tackle inside the penalty area and is still sliding/diving outside the penalty area, it is allowed.

3. Goalkeepers may be substituted on the fly with the referee consent.

4. The goalkeeper has five seconds to play the ball once it is played to them.

5. The goalkeeper may not touch the ball with his/her hands after they bring it in from outside the penalty box even if the ball was last touched by the opposing team.

6. The goalkeeper can dribble the ball up to the midfield line, after the he/she must pass it to a team player.

7. The ball may not travel over three lines of the field without bouncing on the floor.

a. In the event of a three violation, the opposing team is awarded a restart on the first line closest to the opposing goalkeeper.

CO-ED Rules:

1. Two men and two women are required to make up the playing team on the field (excluding goalkeeper). In the event that there are not two women/men available, at least one woman/man must be on the field at all times.

2. Macho Rule the men cannot intimidate the women by use of excessive force or hard shots (referee’s discretion). The macho rule will be enforced with a yellow card.


1. BLUE Card: 2-minute penalty. The offending team will play one man down (any player the team chooses) for a duration of 2 minutes or until the opposing team scores a goal, whichever happens first.

2. YELLOW Card: 2-minute penalty. The player receiving the yellow card (including the goalkeeper) must sit out for a duration of 2 minutes regardless of any goals scored. Two yellow cards given to the same player will result in a red card.

3. RED Card: Any player that receives a red card will be ejected from the game. After 5 minutes, the player can be replaced by another teammate (must be eligible). The player may also be asked to leave the premises at the discretion of the referee and Legacy United Soccer management.

4. Rough play and contact are not permitted and will be sanctioned at the discretion of the referee.

5. Profanity and fighting will NOT be tolerated. Legacy United is a family-friendly club and kids say, think and do what they hear and see other adults say and do. Let’s strive to be a positive role model. Any team involved in a verbal and physical fight may be subject to expulsion from the facility for the rest of the season at the discretion of Legacy United Soccer management.

6. Youth and 35+ Teams must show proof of age for every registered player (birth certification or ID). Any team caught cheating/falsifying information on the registration (e.g. lying about a player’s age) will automatically lose all the points of games won prior to being caught and the player can be suspended for the season.


5v5 Liability Form

Below is the 5v5 Liability form. Please print and return to [email protected].

5v5 Liability Form


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